Importance of Having First Aid Training in the Workplace

Getting Qualified for First Aid Training in the Workplace

Becoming qualified in first aid training in the workplace is a great privilege that is also a transferable skill, anywhere you go. Within a work environment there needs to be a certain number of first raiders and depending on the size of the company and nature of the work, this will vary.

Being that person who can be called in the case of an accident or injury whether small or large is a big responsibility however that shouldn’t put you off the idea of becoming a first aid responder. 

Doing a first aid training course will not only give you all of the skills and knowledge you need to respond to accidents and injuries but will help you gain great confidence in doing so.


This is key in being a great first aid responder and below are some of the benefits:


It makes people feel safe 

Feeling safe within a workplace is not only a right but also something everyone deserves to feel.

Having the reassurance that everything is in place and safe when starting a new job is something every employer needs to provide and it works in their favour- who wouldn’t want to work for a company like this!

Being happy within a workplace is what makes people stay and providing the basic necessities like safety can only be of benefit – both to employees and employers. 


Faster response to accidents in the Workplace 

Responding to accidents quickly is vital in helping someone since every second counts and the more first aid training people within a workplace, the quicker it is to find somebody fast. 

Within hospitality, it’s possible a first aider could be in a situation of having to attend to a customer who had an accident, especially with the present risk of choking on food.

It’s so important to have trained first aiders within a workplace. 



Reduces chance of serious injuries 

Unattended injuries can lead to more serious injuries which is another reason why having someone close by who can be called in a time of need is a must. An untreated burn can leave a scar while someone who has fallen unconscious needs to be turned to their side in order to prevent choking. 

There are so many different responses to various injuries that can happen and while we hate to talk about them, it’s important to be prepared and do a first aid training course. 

While these skills are great to be able to help someone, they are also useful when it comes to helping yourself since you’re aware of what needs to happen following different injuries. 

If there is no one around, you can at least do something to help yourself, since time is so vital when it comes to accidents. 

Having the knowledge that there will always be someone around who can help in times of accidents/injuries will make the workplace feel safer and therefore create a more positive environment. 

There’s no need to fear or be on edge if you know people have done a recent first aid training course, equipping them with great life-long responding skills. You can always volunteer to be this person at your workplace-and what a great privilege that would be! 


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