Most Common Accidents at Home

Most Common Accidents at Home

The most common accidents at home can happen to anyone, and as much as we take every precaution in avoiding them, we can’t always prevent them. First-aid training is a great skill to have in these situations as you can rest assured that if anything happened to someone at home, or even to a neighbour or friend nearby, you could attend to them – what a relief that would be. 


At the end of the day, we can’t prevent every accident, but having the right knowledge and skills means everything in these situations. This is where Harberry Training  come in with their dedication to help educate people to save people. 


A good starting point is simply being aware of the most common accidents that can happen at home, so that you can start being more aware for your own and others’ safety. 

one of the Most Common Accidents at Home

Tripping and Falling 

We’ve all ran up or down the stairs too quickly at one point in our lives, rushing to get to our ringing phones or to someone calling our name and ended up tripping on our own feet. 


While in most cases these falls only result in a bruise or two which goes away by itself, sometimes we can hit a vulnerable part of our body such as our head in which case immediate medical attention is needed. 


If you or someone in your presence has hit their head and is feeling drowsy or sick, this is a sign to call an ambulance. If consciousness is lost, the person needs to be attended to right away and if you have a first-aid training complete you will be fully equipped with knowledge of how to attend to an unconscious person. 


Firstly, the person needs to be moved to their side to avoid choking, however it’s best to call 911 for assistance as a head injury could be very vulnerable and may need extra care and caution when moving the person. 


Knowing facts is great, however it takes confidence to be able to help someone in need which is why first-aid training courses are so useful and worthwhile. While you’ll know more, the main positive to take from these courses is the development of this confidence when performing first-aid. 


A more nasty injury, especially for those who are afraid when it comes to blood however it’s probably one of the most important to treat correctly. 


Knowing how to apply bandages and the variations of applying them when it comes to different cuts and places on the body is an extremely useful skill to have. 


We all know that when a kid falls at home and gets a cut it’s like a siren going off at home, and having the interpersonal skills to be able to calm them down and attend to their injury will put your mind at ease. 


You can sign up to paediatric first aid training designed especially for attending to children which both as a parent, a carer or a parent to be is a life-long skill to have. 


It’s also worthwhile to point out that you never know what could happen around you, and perhaps at one point you could find yourself to be the only first-aid trained person and therefore the best chance the injured person has. 


If you’re a football fan you’ll know how easy it is to sprain an ankle while playing, well the same can be said of kids playing football at home. That is why spraining is one of the most common accidents at home.


While this is probably the most common reason for spraining an ankle, I’m sure many have done this from the most day to day things too. 


Regardless of the reason, spraining an ankle is an awkward and painful injury, and the person will need help moving around and getting to a hospital for inspection. 


While we all hate to think about accidents, it’s a good idea to prepare ourselves both physically and mentally in the unfortunate case that one happened. 


Reading up on blogs on tips is a great way to start, however completing a first-aid training course is what will really prepare you to feel confident in helping others. 


Harberry training are dedicated to provide thorough training to everyone who is interested and specialise in both general first-aid and more tailored such as paediatric or work-related training. 

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