Save A Life – Why First Aid Training Is So Important 

Many people are sceptical about being that person who steps in during an accident, worrying they might do something wrong, or just not feeling confident enough. Doing something is better than doing nothing and at the end of the day, if there is even a miniscule chance of saving someone, those odds are better than no odds at all. Having a First Aid course done however, will give you the confidence to know exactly how to respond.


Everyone could be that person who has the relevant knowledge on First Aid best practices and all it takes is to get trained once in a lifetime and be that person for the rest of your lifetime.


Belfast family owned First Aid Training company are on a quest to pass their medical knowledge to anyone who wants to have the ability to help in critical situations. 


From certified courses on First-Aid at work to Basic Life support and Paediatric First-Aid, you can get hands-on training on how to save a life and react in emergencies. Dedicating time learning about being a first responder in various situations like burns, unconsciousness or even heart-attack can give someone a chance to live that they didn’t have if it weren’t for you. 


You Can Be The Person That Saves Someone

Wouldn’t you be at peace knowing that in the case of a person near you having an accident, you can be the person to save them? 

Being the first person to notice an accident can be stressful, and your mind can jump straight into panic mode, however it’s important to stay calm and firstly make sure your surroundings are no longer unsafe. Whether that’s hot water that burned somebody, or traffic nearby, getting away from danger is the first step. First Aid training courses will teach you ways if you find someone in an emergency so you can learn to remain calm and think of solutions. 


Communicating Crucial Information To Medical Help

Being at the scene of an accident you’re also gathering very crucial information that you can communicate with medical staff, who can respond quicker and more efficiently. You become a crucial  “link in the chain of survival” – so you make more of an impact than you might think. 

You can let the medical team know exactly what happened and what you did to help along with any relevant information the person may not be able to communicate due to unconsciousness or injury. This information is vital as it determines the decisions made, and your input could help make the right ones. 


It Can Prevent The Situation From Worsening

First Aid can not only just save a life but also prevent someone from developing lifelong side effects and disabilities. Being the person who decides to help out a critical situation can save someone from a life of pain and misery. Even if you’re not saving a life, you are still saving someone from changing their life for the worse. 

You’re also the person providing emotional support and helping them get through the situation by easing their stress. This can help them enormously in dealing with their trauma. 

If you’d like to take the first step and have the knowledge and piece of mind of knowing what to do in critical situations, you can view all the available courses for you here.

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