Why Coaches Need Sports First Aid Course

A job as a sports coach varies from day to day and can be challenging and to be prepared for any situation all sports coaches should have a sports first aid course certification. An important part of their role is to have an understanding of sports first aid when watching your team play from the side lines.

Our Sports First Aid Qualification has been designed to improve the quality of first aid provided in sports and exercise environments and show why sports coaches need first aid training in the first place.

Sports people face a number of physical risks during their performances, including sprains, muscle strains, incidents involving other players or sports equipment and medical emergencies. As a sports coach, it is essential that you can react to a first aid emergency quickly and safely. This reaction can make the difference to how your team players will recover in the weeks following the accident. 

First Aid for Sport

A sport’s coach has many responsibilities within their job, with the health and safety of their players as a key goal. This often will include preventing injuries both on the pitch during the game and off the pitch at team practices. This is why it is essential that coaches are trained in first aid at a level where they will feel confident to offer treatment when faced with a variety of sports incidents. 

At Harberry Training our Sports First Aid Qualification is aimed at those working within the sporting industry. Whether you are a sports coach, team physio, undergraduate physio, a student studying sports science, or a parent or guardian, our course will help to prepare you when faced with these accidents. Our course will focus on the following content:

  • CPR and crisis management
  • Sports first aiders in action
  • Fracture management and assessing field injuries (SALTAPS)
  • Immediate management and referral of sports injuries
  • Selected medical conditions which affect sports participation

 Within a sports environment, it is essential that first aid training NI is only administered by those who have the correct training and knowledge to ensure that any procedures are carried out correctly. People who lack these skills and attempt to help any injured parties may end up causing more harm to the injured player.

sports first aid course

First Aid in Sport

At Harberry Training we understand the importance of first aid training within sports environments. Our sports first aid course can be an invaluable skill to sports coaches and other members of the team, whether you are a player, physio or admin.

We have been teaching first aid for over 15 years and our trainers have real life experience in using first aid. For more information on our Sports First Aid courses and how it can benefit your sports team, get in touch with us today.

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