Why you need Paediatric First Aid Training in Schools

Whether you’re walking into your teacher career or you’ve already been teaching for quite some time, it’s never too late to decide to do a paediatric first aid training course-it will only be of benefit.

Being a teacher is a huge responsibility both when it comes to children’s development and safety. Most children look up to their teachers just as much as to their own parents which means-being the right person for the role is super important. 

We all know how clumsy children can be, especially when they’re all put in a room together. This is why, on top of being a good teacher it’s also a good idea to have done a first-aid training course to make sure that you can be prepared for all accidents. 


Responding to Serious Paediatric Accidents 


If you’re working in a nursery or you have a baby of your own, you’ll be happy to hear that the paediatric course at Harberry Training is designed to help you help both infants and children. 

So while you’ll be equipped with great knowledge that will make you feel more confident as a first responder in the case of an emergency, you’ll have a life-long transferable skill – and a sense of fulfilment. 



The scary scenarios that most people want to avoid imagining at all costs are the ones worth preparing for. Nobody wants to be in the situation of having to respond to an unconscious infant or child however knowing what to do in those moments is so important. 

Think about the crucial time you can put into acting instead of wondering what you should do. Having a solid paediatric first-aid training course done will ensure you’re using all of this crucial time well to help the child. 

Who would have thought that teachers are also to be life saving heroes? 



If you’ve ever been around a toddler, you’ll know that you need to have eyes everywhere to make sure they haven’t found something to chew on that could be dangerous. 

Children, equipped with great curiosity are spies when it comes to finding things that were quite impossible for them to find. This is why teachers need to have the needed first-aid training just in case the object they’ve found has ended up in their mouth resulting in choking-the biggest fear of every parent. 

While infants and children need different approaches when it comes to responding to choking, you’ll learn the differences between the two-giving you the required skills to save both young and older children.


The Less Serious Paediatric Injuries

Less serious yet still very scary to children, a paediatric first aid training course will equip you with the skills to respond to injuries like bleeding, burns, allergic reactions and many more. 

Controlling bleeding 

The injury that will probably cause the most havoc among children, since blood is scary to see and often results in panic. Knowing how to act calm and therefore give the child that reassurance that everything will be okay is an important part of responding to bleeding. 

Acting fast and making the bleeding stop is the first thing you’ll need to do and when you remain calm, you’ll be able to do this more efficiently. During the first-aid course you’ll learn how to apply bandages and which are most appropriate for different injuries, so you’ll always make the right choices when dealing with any injuries in school. 



Acting fast is super important when it comes to burns, which is why you need to know exactly what to do if a child near you touches something hot which can result in different degrees of burns. 

Putting the burned area in cold water and keeping it there for a few minutes is a known and common sense response to us however there are more tips and tricks when it comes to this injury. 

At Harberry Training in NI you’ll follow skilled first-aiders in learning everything when it comes to responding to burns. 

Allergic Reactions

There is always that child that is allergic to something, and while their parents will probably tell you everything you need to know about responding to an allergic reaction, having a good first aid course done will give you extra information and confidence. 

Through continuous assessment, you’ll keep track of what you know and make sure that you’re leaving the course fully trained and confident with responding to every accident that could happen within a school environment. 

Being a teacher is undeniably a huge privilege since you’re influencing young minds and playing a big role in the people they will grow up to be. 

You’ll also need to act as their protector and put yourself through the necessary courses in order to be able to respond to possible accidents. 

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